Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Octopus Cake

I had a lot of help with this cake. Which is good because if I didnt I probably would have been working on it for two weeks straight. This cake was a 10 inch 2-layer cwayolate cake on top and a 12 inch 2-layer chocolate cake on the bottom. This cake was huge..
The fondant was easy enough, I just swirled it with yellow and orange coloring and covered it as normal. It was the octopus and the bubbles that made it so time consuming.
Thankfully my mom offered to handle the task of the bubbles and she did an awesome job too! She used the gelatin and water balloon technique. You can look it up on YouTube under sugar bubbles. She used green coloring and edible glitter to make them sparkle. Thank you Mom!
The octopus was made out of thick wire, rice krispie treats and modeling chocolate. They were kind of a pain but so worth it in the end. My sister shaped the wire for the legs..the rice krispies were a little difficult to keep on the wire until it cooled a little bit. We also brushed on some melting chocolate to help it harden and thst helped a lot. Then the molding chocolate went over the top.
 We used a glass bowl inside the plastic cauldron and a wire around the edge to attach the legs to. The legs were pretty heavy so it was a little nerve racking to have so many of them but it all worked out. The glass bowl was for the dry ice we put in the cauldron. Unfortunately I didnt get to.to see it but everyone said it was pretty cool and couldn't capture a picture of it for some reason.

Twin's Birthday Cake

This cake was for a neighbors twin boy and girl's first birthday. It was a small family party so they didn't need anything too big, but there are still 10 of them! We decided on a 10 inch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and a large cupcake for each of the twins. I did everything half and half,  colored half the fondant blue and half pink. I used modeling chocolate for the spots and the numbers. They were easy enough, I just cut out a couple different sizes and placed them randomly on the cake. I hand formed the number ones and put a toothpick in the bottom to help it stick into the cake.

I used white buttercream for the cupcakes so I could color it blue and pink.

I cut a strip of white for the stripe to separate the colors on the cake. The pearls around the base of the cake are sixlets, I used a little frosting to stick them on.

Pirate Cake

This cake was for my Dad's birthday in October. He loves to have pirate parties around Halloween so I thought this was perfect for him. It's an 8 inch 2 - layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle and white buttercream on the outside. The blue waves are fondant that I colored in a few shades of blue and cut long strips that were straight on one side and wavy on the other. I layered them starting about the middle and working my way to the base of the cake. I used a little water to stick the layers together.

I used brown sugar to look like sand on the top and around the edge.

For the map I used a piece of fondant and colored it a light brownish color. I kinda cheated on the hard part and asked my brother - in-law to paint the map on it. I could have done it but it wouldn't have been nearly as good. He used my wilton color gel food coloring and a small paintbrush and basically used it like water color. Then we just laid it over the top of the cake.

The knife sticking out of the top was fondant that I colored and hand shaped. I used toothpicks to hold It all together.

The coins I cut out circles and my sister helped me draw little skulls, ships and faces on. Then I used a toothpick to poke little holes around the edges. I painted them after. The jewels I hand shaped and painted.

Happy birthday Dad!

Owl Cake #2

This cake was a lot of fun. It's a 10 inch 2 - layer cake on the bottom and an 8 inch 2 - layer cake on the top. The bottom I dirty iced with chocolate buttercream and covered in aqua colored fondant, tucking under the edge of the fondant under the cake so it had a clean edge.

The top layer I dirty iced and then starting at the bottom with the darker purple did two rows of the rosette technique, then two rows of lighter purple and the rest of the top with the lightest purple.

For the owls I did them the night before and I just hand drew and outline of the owl shape I wanted and cut it out for a template. I used fondant for the owls. For the roses I used modeling chocolate which tastes way better than fondnant.. i rolled it out and cut short strips, folded them in half and rolled them into the rose shape I wanted. I free hand cut the little leaves and rolled out the tree and branches with modeling chocolate. I used a little buttercream icing to stick them onto the cake. I used the smallest flower cutter I have for the flowers. So there's a quick overview of how I did this cake!

I did also use boards and dowels for the foundation of the second layer. I didn't want it sinking at all!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easy Tinkerbell Cake

I made this cake for my niece Lilly. My sister and brother-in-law had a specific look they were going for and I'm really happy I could create it for them.

 The flower is patterned after the "Ever Blossom" in the movie "Tinkerbell".. the flower is white in the movie but they wanted it yellow.. it's like Tinkerbell's hair. The green fondant I cut out in a circle then using an edible marker on the backside drew little triangles to cut out. Looks kinda like Tinkerbell's skirt. 

I just used white butter-cream frosting under the fondant and I piped with a medium sized round tip little pearls around the base of the cake like her shoes. We sprinkled on some gold and white edible glitter to look like pixie dust and that was it! Their party was super cute. My girls told me every five minutes that it was the best party they had ever been to. I have to agree. It was pretty cute!

Easy Golf Cake

This cake took me 2 hours from start to finish. My husband had said a cake wasn't necessary for his birthday.. but I had made cakes for all the other birthdays going on in the family and decided the morning of his big day that I would make him a quick cake in the couple hours he was golfing with his dad. It is super simple but still cute and he was happy to have a surprise.
I made a golden yellow cake with white butter-cream frosting. I really wanted to have different shades of green but there just wasn't enough time! So one color green was all this cake was. I frosted the two layers with the green icing and put the rest in a piping bag. I cut  a small hole for the cup and used a candy stick for the flag pole. The flag was made out of leftover fondant I had laying around. Same with the golf ball. But that's the only fondant on the entire cake. Kinda nice huh!

I cut an oval for the sand trap on the side and crumbled some of the cake inside of it. For the piping I used a leaf tip and a small round tip. With the leaf tip I used long strokes up the sides and shorter strokes around the top. I used the small round tip for the shorter grass fairway and fringe. The tiny dots took some time but it wasn't really bad! I hope you like it!

Flower Pot Gardening Cake

Happy birthday Mom!!

I used two 9 inch round chocolate cakes with chocolate butter-cream between the layers and colored white butter-cream on the outside.

I made this cake wanting to do as little fondant as I could. So it would have looked nicer covered in fondant but it was a cake for my mom and it can get annoying to peel fondant off your birthday cake when you don't want to eat it. I'm still learning when it comes to getting a perfectly smooth surface with butter-cream frosting. So just ignore the imperfections. I did blue on top and blended in some green on the bottom.

I made the pink flower ahead of time to allow it to dry. I used a Gerber Daisy cutter from Wilton. For the center I rolled a piece of fondant into a semi flattened ball and used a pointed tool to create little impressions. Then I dusted it with glitter. For the leaves of the pink flower I free hand cut them and allowed them to dry as well so they would stay curved and more lifelike.

I have an ivy leaf cutter I used for the ivy "growing" down the cake. I just swirled some green icing on the cake before placing the ivy down so it looked like a vine.

The shovel is completely made out of fondant. I free hand shaped it all so really no tricks to this one. I used a candy stick to connect the handle and the spade part. I used a teeny tiny bit of black Wilton gel with a lot of edible glitter to make the grey color. For the handle to make it look wooden I used a sharp tool to draw some lines along it to look like wood grain. Then I used a little brown and a little red Wilton gel with clear lemon extract to paint it on.

The fence is fondant that I free hand cut as well... so if you're wanting to recreate this I hope you feel comfortable free hand..ing? a lot of the work.

For the small flowers around the fence I used gum paste and a Wilton flower punch set. The centers are sprinkles.

The gloves are fondant that I cut out with a hand cookie cutter. Thankfully I had this already from a huge Wilton cookie cutter set I got for like $12 one year. I have used this set to death! Love it... I hand painted all the little flowers using Wilton food gel. Feel free to copy the same flower design I used or I'd love to see what you come up with on your own!

The flower pot is actually a silicon pot that my mom got for me at Easter. So when Easter comes around again look for them at Walmart. It came in a package of 9 with nasty cake and frosting to bake and decorate with.. just throw all that out and make your own. The little pots are so cute it's worth it. I filled the pot up with chocolate cake I crumbled. I got the leftover from leveling the cake.

All the grass and leaves around the base of the cake are piped on using Wilton leave and grass tips. They take a couple times to get the hang of it but it's definitely worth a try.

Last I piped on some clouds and a little bird. It was a fun cake to make in a short morning! I was trying to surprise her so I worked quickly.. :)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby's First Giraffe Cake

I had some help with this cake! I actually did this cake earlier in the year with my sister-in-law Courtney. It was for her daughter Aspen's first birthday. I was a little nervous about it because I still hadn't done many cakes at this point. Courtney made the cake and cupcakes, helped me color the fondant and cut out the giraffe print. We make a great team! If only we lived closer so we could do these together more often. I made the letters of Aspen's name and the little pink flowers ahead of time so they would dry. Courtney found the adorable stuffed giraffe that I think really made the cake. This is definitely one of my favorites! Thank you Courtney for letting me be a part of her special day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Star Wars Fight Scene Cake

My nephew loves Star Wars so I came up with this volcano fight scene with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin. I used my Wilton Dress Pan for the hill and a large round cake on the bottom for the base. I drew the fire with melting chocolate on parchment paper and let it set. The lava is also melting chocolate I put in a piping bag. I places the figures on top of the cake where I wanted them and put the chocolate around their feet to keep them in place. It was a hit with all the little boys!  (Big boys too..)

Sorry the picture is sideways..:\

MAC Make-up Cake

I made this cake for one of my older sisters for her birthday. She loves make-up so it only made sense! All the make-up is made out of fondant, the make up bag is a chocolate round cake cut in half and covered in white fondant. I painted the leopard print with food gel. The base of the cake is a square chocolate cake covered in blue buttercream. Happy birthday Meg!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sofia the First Cake

My little Addy loves the show Sofia the First from Disney Junior. All she wanted for her fourth birthday was "Sofia stuff". So a Sofia cake it was! I knew I didnt have the ability to make Sofias actual castle because its huge and I'm still pretty new to cake making. So I created this little one that did the trick just fine. The sofia figure was a little toy that just came out and you can get it at Walmart or Toysrus.
The bottom tier I did the rosette style with buttercream frosting. And the second tier I covered with marshmallow fondant. I used buttercream frosting for the little pearls between the tiers. Other than the castle it was fairly easy to make. The castle is all made out of fondant and I used covered waffle cones as the top of the towers. It was a fun one to make!

Birthday Bow Cake

I love the inside of this cake. The colored polka dots turned out so bright and cute. Be prepared if you want to do it this way it takes a lot of extra time. You have to make the cake batter, color each color, make the cake pops, make more batter and finally bake the finished product.
The bow and decorations I made ahead of time to allow it to dry.
The hardest part was the day I was assembling the cake it ended up being around 100 degrees. All my marshmallow fondant decided to start melting. I have learned my lesson and will use store bought fondant through the warm months!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bug Cupcakes

Bug Cupcakes

I made these bug cupcakes for my nephews kind of as our summer kick off get together. I saw the idea in a cupcake book my dad bought me and I knew the boys would love them!

All you need is melting chocolates, a piping bag (or a ziplock would work) and some candy. I used M&MS, Jelly Beans and candy eggs. You can use anything you have around really.. Which in my house is usually plenty of different kinds of candy!

Melt your chocolates according to the packaging and put it in your piping bag. It'll be warm. You might want to let it sit for a minute otherwise it might be too runny. It's easiest to draw out a template of your different bugs before on a piece of paper, then put the template under a piece of parchment paper and trace over it with your chocolate. Make sure you use plenty of chocolate otherwise your pieces will brake easier when they're dry. You also want to make sure you have enough for your candy to stick to. After you trace the bug lay the candies on how you like them and let the chocolate set up. It doesn't take very long but you can put them in the refrigerator if you need to speed it up. 

I love using melting chocolate to make all kinds of cute designs. I hope you enjoy using them too!