Octopus Cake

I had a lot of help with this cake. Which is good because if I didnt I probably would have been working on it for two weeks straight. This cake was a 10 inch 2-layer cwayolate cake on top and a 12 inch 2-layer chocolate cake on the bottom. This cake was huge..
The fondant was easy enough, I just swirled it with yellow and orange coloring and covered it as normal. It was the octopus and the bubbles that made it so time consuming.
Thankfully my mom offered to handle the task of the bubbles and she did an awesome job too! She used the gelatin and water balloon technique. You can look it up on YouTube under sugar bubbles. She used green coloring and edible glitter to make them sparkle. Thank you Mom!
The octopus was made out of thick wire, rice krispie treats and modeling chocolate. They were kind of a pain but so worth it in the end. My sister shaped the wire for the legs..the rice krispies were a little difficult to keep on the wire until it cooled a little bit. We also brushed on some melting chocolate to help it harden and thst helped a lot. Then the molding chocolate went over the top.
 We used a glass bowl inside the plastic cauldron and a wire around the edge to attach the legs to. The legs were pretty heavy so it was a little nerve racking to have so many of them but it all worked out. The glass bowl was for the dry ice we put in the cauldron. Unfortunately I didnt get to.to see it but everyone said it was pretty cool and couldn't capture a picture of it for some reason.


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