Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Octopus Cake

I had a lot of help with this cake. Which is good because if I didnt I probably would have been working on it for two weeks straight. This cake was a 10 inch 2-layer cwayolate cake on top and a 12 inch 2-layer chocolate cake on the bottom. This cake was huge..
The fondant was easy enough, I just swirled it with yellow and orange coloring and covered it as normal. It was the octopus and the bubbles that made it so time consuming.
Thankfully my mom offered to handle the task of the bubbles and she did an awesome job too! She used the gelatin and water balloon technique. You can look it up on YouTube under sugar bubbles. She used green coloring and edible glitter to make them sparkle. Thank you Mom!
The octopus was made out of thick wire, rice krispie treats and modeling chocolate. They were kind of a pain but so worth it in the end. My sister shaped the wire for the legs..the rice krispies were a little difficult to keep on the wire until it cooled a little bit. We also brushed on some melting chocolate to help it harden and thst helped a lot. Then the molding chocolate went over the top.
 We used a glass bowl inside the plastic cauldron and a wire around the edge to attach the legs to. The legs were pretty heavy so it was a little nerve racking to have so many of them but it all worked out. The glass bowl was for the dry ice we put in the cauldron. Unfortunately I didnt get to.to see it but everyone said it was pretty cool and couldn't capture a picture of it for some reason.

Twin's Birthday Cake

This cake was for a neighbors twin boy and girl's first birthday. It was a small family party so they didn't need anything too big, but there are still 10 of them! We decided on a 10 inch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and a large cupcake for each of the twins. I did everything half and half,  colored half the fondant blue and half pink. I used modeling chocolate for the spots and the numbers. They were easy enough, I just cut out a couple different sizes and placed them randomly on the cake. I hand formed the number ones and put a toothpick in the bottom to help it stick into the cake.

I used white buttercream for the cupcakes so I could color it blue and pink.

I cut a strip of white for the stripe to separate the colors on the cake. The pearls around the base of the cake are sixlets, I used a little frosting to stick them on.

Pirate Cake

This cake was for my Dad's birthday in October. He loves to have pirate parties around Halloween so I thought this was perfect for him. It's an 8 inch 2 - layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle and white buttercream on the outside. The blue waves are fondant that I colored in a few shades of blue and cut long strips that were straight on one side and wavy on the other. I layered them starting about the middle and working my way to the base of the cake. I used a little water to stick the layers together.

I used brown sugar to look like sand on the top and around the edge.

For the map I used a piece of fondant and colored it a light brownish color. I kinda cheated on the hard part and asked my brother - in-law to paint the map on it. I could have done it but it wouldn't have been nearly as good. He used my wilton color gel food coloring and a small paintbrush and basically used it like water color. Then we just laid it over the top of the cake.

The knife sticking out of the top was fondant that I colored and hand shaped. I used toothpicks to hold It all together.

The coins I cut out circles and my sister helped me draw little skulls, ships and faces on. Then I used a toothpick to poke little holes around the edges. I painted them after. The jewels I hand shaped and painted.

Happy birthday Dad!

Owl Cake #2

This cake was a lot of fun. It's a 10 inch 2 - layer cake on the bottom and an 8 inch 2 - layer cake on the top. The bottom I dirty iced with chocolate buttercream and covered in aqua colored fondant, tucking under the edge of the fondant under the cake so it had a clean edge.

The top layer I dirty iced and then starting at the bottom with the darker purple did two rows of the rosette technique, then two rows of lighter purple and the rest of the top with the lightest purple.

For the owls I did them the night before and I just hand drew and outline of the owl shape I wanted and cut it out for a template. I used fondant for the owls. For the roses I used modeling chocolate which tastes way better than fondnant.. i rolled it out and cut short strips, folded them in half and rolled them into the rose shape I wanted. I free hand cut the little leaves and rolled out the tree and branches with modeling chocolate. I used a little buttercream icing to stick them onto the cake. I used the smallest flower cutter I have for the flowers. So there's a quick overview of how I did this cake!

I did also use boards and dowels for the foundation of the second layer. I didn't want it sinking at all!