Owl Cake #2

This cake was a lot of fun. It's a 10 inch 2 - layer cake on the bottom and an 8 inch 2 - layer cake on the top. The bottom I dirty iced with chocolate buttercream and covered in aqua colored fondant, tucking under the edge of the fondant under the cake so it had a clean edge.

The top layer I dirty iced and then starting at the bottom with the darker purple did two rows of the rosette technique, then two rows of lighter purple and the rest of the top with the lightest purple.

For the owls I did them the night before and I just hand drew and outline of the owl shape I wanted and cut it out for a template. I used fondant for the owls. For the roses I used modeling chocolate which tastes way better than fondnant.. i rolled it out and cut short strips, folded them in half and rolled them into the rose shape I wanted. I free hand cut the little leaves and rolled out the tree and branches with modeling chocolate. I used a little buttercream icing to stick them onto the cake. I used the smallest flower cutter I have for the flowers. So there's a quick overview of how I did this cake!

I did also use boards and dowels for the foundation of the second layer. I didn't want it sinking at all!


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