Pirate Cake

This cake was for my Dad's birthday in October. He loves to have pirate parties around Halloween so I thought this was perfect for him. It's an 8 inch 2 - layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle and white buttercream on the outside. The blue waves are fondant that I colored in a few shades of blue and cut long strips that were straight on one side and wavy on the other. I layered them starting about the middle and working my way to the base of the cake. I used a little water to stick the layers together.

I used brown sugar to look like sand on the top and around the edge.

For the map I used a piece of fondant and colored it a light brownish color. I kinda cheated on the hard part and asked my brother - in-law to paint the map on it. I could have done it but it wouldn't have been nearly as good. He used my wilton color gel food coloring and a small paintbrush and basically used it like water color. Then we just laid it over the top of the cake.

The knife sticking out of the top was fondant that I colored and hand shaped. I used toothpicks to hold It all together.

The coins I cut out circles and my sister helped me draw little skulls, ships and faces on. Then I used a toothpick to poke little holes around the edges. I painted them after. The jewels I hand shaped and painted.

Happy birthday Dad!


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