Easy Tinkerbell Cake

I made this cake for my niece Lilly. My sister and brother-in-law had a specific look they were going for and I'm really happy I could create it for them.

 The flower is patterned after the "Ever Blossom" in the movie "Tinkerbell".. the flower is white in the movie but they wanted it yellow.. it's like Tinkerbell's hair. The green fondant I cut out in a circle then using an edible marker on the backside drew little triangles to cut out. Looks kinda like Tinkerbell's skirt. 

I just used white butter-cream frosting under the fondant and I piped with a medium sized round tip little pearls around the base of the cake like her shoes. We sprinkled on some gold and white edible glitter to look like pixie dust and that was it! Their party was super cute. My girls told me every five minutes that it was the best party they had ever been to. I have to agree. It was pretty cute!


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