Easy Golf Cake

This cake took me 2 hours from start to finish. My husband had said a cake wasn't necessary for his birthday.. but I had made cakes for all the other birthdays going on in the family and decided the morning of his big day that I would make him a quick cake in the couple hours he was golfing with his dad. It is super simple but still cute and he was happy to have a surprise.
I made a golden yellow cake with white butter-cream frosting. I really wanted to have different shades of green but there just wasn't enough time! So one color green was all this cake was. I frosted the two layers with the green icing and put the rest in a piping bag. I cut  a small hole for the cup and used a candy stick for the flag pole. The flag was made out of leftover fondant I had laying around. Same with the golf ball. But that's the only fondant on the entire cake. Kinda nice huh!

I cut an oval for the sand trap on the side and crumbled some of the cake inside of it. For the piping I used a leaf tip and a small round tip. With the leaf tip I used long strokes up the sides and shorter strokes around the top. I used the small round tip for the shorter grass fairway and fringe. The tiny dots took some time but it wasn't really bad! I hope you like it!


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