Painting Pumpkins

I thought I'd put this idea out there since Halloween is at the end of the month.

My girls really haven't liked carving pumpkins in years past so last year we decided to paint them. We threw a sheet out on the front porch, gave them each a paintbrush and a paper plate with paint on it and said "go for it!" They had a blast and they were so happy they didn't have to touch the nasty gooey seeds and stuff on the was I :)

 We will definitely be doing it again this year. It was so nice that they were able to make their own masterpieces since they couldn't cut their own. (Since knives and kids aren't a good mix.) I obviously had a good time painting my pumpkin too!


  1. My favorite part is taking the gooey seedy insides out! I don't really care for carving - which comes in handy because David loves the artistic freedom of carving the outside. Looks like we're a good match! And cute pumpkins! I think I'll have Lilly do this when she gets older too (no knives till she's big!)


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