Mini Rainbow Jell-O Cups

I've had kind of a crazy beginning of the week with Aaron being gone a couple days and I am SO glad he's finally back. I realized it was Wednesday and uh-oh.... haven't even thought about what I'm going to make a post about. I scrolled through my millions of "to be blogged" pictures and remembered these babies.... they are so cute and yummy too. I hate Jell-O... really not a fan, I think it's because you just get a lump on your plate and you can't pick it up and you're in trouble if it touches any other food because it will melt and stain your mashed potatoes...whew.. so many reasons... but I loved these! It was a perfect portion and anything miniature is always cute! It takes some time to make them but it was well worth it for Addy's My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday this summer.

1 box Jell-O for every color you'd like to use. For the rainbow colors I used;
Blue- Blue Raspberry
Purple- Grape

I got these plastic shot glasses at the Dollar Tree in a little package that came with somewhere around 24 I think. (I did two packages)

Now to make some Jello-O..Follow the directions on the box. Starting with purple pour a small amount of your prepared Jell-O to each of your shot glasses. It's best to do it on some sort of pan because if you aren't a perfect pourer you're gonna spill. I like using my mini muffin tin because it kept them all in place. After all the cups have a layer of purple I poured the leftovers into an 8x8 casserole dish. Place them all in the refrigerator to cool.
 When the Jell-O is ready for the next layer of color just repeat the same process. Make Jell-O, pour a layer into each cup trying to not spill too much, and pour the rest into the same casserole dish as the purple. Repeat for each color. I think the box said to let them cool in the refrigerator for about 5 hours or something like that.. towards the end I started checking them earlier and doing it at about 3 hours because I was pressed for time.. so this took me a few days to completely finish. 

The casserole dish finished.. so as you can see you could make a lot of these!

We served them with baby spoons but if I would have thought ahead I would have picked up some tasting spoons, they would have been perfect too.

They were a really big hit with the kids and the adults. If you wanted to you could also drop them into some warm water for a few seconds, flip them over and the Jell-O slides out. But I liked the cups :)
Still kicking myself that there are all those lines in the tablecloths...ugh


  1. These seriously were SO GOOD. All the flavors together made a really yummy jell-O combination. David ate so many of them. ADORABLE and so worth the effort in my opinion :) We're stealing this idea to make a candy corn version for a Halloween get-together with some friends! Lemon, Orange and whipping cream on top and so excited for it! Thanks for the inspiration, Amy!

    1. See your comment did work! But it didn't alert me, weird. I'm glad you liked them so much. How did your candy corn ones turn out? I hope you took a picture!


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