Felt Flowers

Today's post is really fun and easy. I spent most of my day yesterday making felt flowers and couldn't stop until it was time to make dinner. There are so many different kinds you can make and so many colors. The best part is it's CHEAP! It helps that my mom has a huge bin full of felt that I have access to but you can get sheets for a quarter a piece.

You can sew them but hot glueing them is the quickest and easiest for me. I love my hot glue gun and use it for everything!

I found these patterns on Pinterest. They're easy to follow and I'm happy to promote others blogs especially when I use them for my creations! I hope you have as much fun as I did making these! Ill post the links I used below. The "mothers day corsage" took a lot more time than the others, just a warning. But it turns out so cute I'll definitely be making more of those in the future.

You can put an alligator clip on the back or a flat pin to put on your shirt, belt, or bag.





  1. Amy those are awesome!! I want to copy and make a bunch for annalyse, since I keep complaining I dont have enough doubles to use when she has pig tails. Sooo going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!

  2. I am so happy you like them! Definitely "copy" that's why I made the blog! I want to share the fun things I do! I have the same problem with pig tails and not having matching bows.. looks like I have to make some more! :D Love you! Have fun!


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