Dinner Table Ice Cream Sundae

I grew up doing this as a kid and loved it, we never called it anything special so I'm calling it our, Dinner Table Ice Cream Sundae. It's really simple... we covered the table with plastic wrap put an entire block of ice cream in the middle, gathered all the toppings in the house, each got a spoon and ate whatever we could get our spoons into.

This was the third time we've done this with our girls and they absolutely love it. We had neapolitan ice cream and the toppings we used this time were sprinkles...of course, bananas, crumbled up waffle cones, cherries, and magic shell chocolate (the kind that gets hard).

Looks like a hit to me! And clean up (of the table) is a breeze. Just pull off the plastic and throw it away.. the kids however will probably need a bath.. Especially if it ends up in an ice cream fight like my family's usually did. I hope that never happens to me again.. cleaning it off the blinds was not fun.


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