Star Tip Zebra Cake

This was only the second birthday cake I tried to make so it's definitely a starter cake but I was happy with it. This was Annalee's fourth birthday cake last year. She loves zebras so I attempted the zebra stripe on the inside coloring half my batter pink and leaving the other half white then varied every other about 1/8 cup full into a prepared 8" can pan. The left is unbaked and the right picture is baked.
From there I put a base coat of white frosting.
Then with the white frosting and a star tip on my piping bag I piped in a small circular motion all the white leaving some striped spaces for the pink stripes to go. It definitely didn't turn out perfect but it was quick and easy. I'd probably next time plan out my stripes before just jumping right in. But for my first time doing anything cake creative I liked it a lot.
Then just filled in the empty spaces with pink star tip dots.

Sorry the picture focused incorrectly but hey I was and am just a beginning blogger.

I also made some cake pops with the leftover batter and they turned out really cute! I used my star tip and just got creative with the look. I didn't dip them in chocolate or anything first just piped the butter cream frosting right onto the pop. They were yummy too :)
As you can see the cake looks more mixed than striped or marbled but it was still cute so I wasn't going to complain. Her fifth birthday is coming up soon and says she wants an animal cake so I'll take another stab at the zebra stripes but this time I'd do white and chocolate so the colors stand out from each other better. I am also going to use fondant to cover the top with the zebra stripes in it. You'll have to wait until April to see it though! Trust me, there are many more cakes to come. I think I've found my passion! I already have one planned for my bday, Valentines Day, my sisters bday, and my babies second bday all in the next two months :) yay!


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