Rainbow Cake

 Here is Addy's My Little Pony Rainbow cake. It was definitely a fun cake to make!
 As you can see she was pretty excited too!

 It had such beautiful vibrant colors! I figured the adults wouldn't be able to stomach all the color so I made white cupcakes for them with little rainbow edible butterflies on them, super cute!

Originally I wanted to do a two tiered cake like this test cake I did below. But after icing it and it just didn't look pretty I decided to do the bottom in Rice Krispie Treats so it wasn't nearly as tall and just do a big one layer of cake.
So I made a double batch of Rice Krispie Treats and pressed them into a greased cake pan, not sure of the size, 12" maybe? Then let it set. It fit perfectly in my cake carrier so I stored it in there.

 Then I colored my three layers of cake, one red, one yellow and one blue. I used the wilton color gels like the picture below. They work so much better than the liquid, they give really bright colors and I use them for all my coloring of icing and cakes and cookies.

 While the cakes were cooling I made the icing. Separating it into four bowls I colored one purple, one green, and one orange. I left the last one white along with a whole two more batches for frosting the outside. You have to do the rainbow upsidown so you don't have a layer of frosting on the bottom, your colors wouldn't all come together when the cake is cut. So you start layering.
1. Red cake on bottom
2. Layer of orange icing
3. Yellow cake
4. Green icing
5. Blue cake
6. Purple icing
Then I covered the whole cake with a thin "crumb coat" of white icing. You don't want the icing to be too thick if you're using fondant or it won't be smooth when you're done. You'll just be pushing around a lot of icing underneath and it will be bumpy.
 I offset the cake to one side on top of the rice krispies. You could cover the rice krispies with fondant too but i  thought I liked the little puffs like clouds I made here. After a while I started to smooth some of them out.

 I used a big round tip to make these little puffs of clouds all the way around the cake and rice krispie bottom.
 I made a little tulle rainbow tutu to cover the cake board and set the cake on top. I made the rainbow with royal icing. It actually was suppose to start on the top left of her cake, arch all the way over the top of the ponies and end where it does in the picture on the rice krispies but I wasn't careful enough and it broke basically in half. So that's why there's a giant cloud on top next to Rainbow Dash. Haha.
 See..... broken

I was devastated but oh well, it still worked out pretty cute and no one even knew.

So as you can see it's not totally smooth and perfect but I worked all day on it. Literally until people started showing up.


  1. You did sooo awesome! Andalyn is so jealous and wants you to make her one! lol she was bummed when i told her you are one of the aunties in Utah! lol

    1. Aw, I'm so sorry Andalyn... I would LOVE to make you a cake. Maybe it'll be about time for you guys to come visit around her bday?? :) :) Great idea, right?


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