Fix that doll hair!

Do you have crazy haired dolls? That doll hair can be such a pain! It tangles so easily and it looks awful. It's actually really easy to brush as long as you have some product.
 All you need is a brush and some kids detangler, it's cheap and worth it. These are the ones we use for my kids hair and it works wonders on the dolls hair too. Don't try a comb, it will break and take forever..
All you do is spray the hair down really well like you would for your little ones hair and start brushing! It takes 5 minutes.
Half done and it took about 2 minutes.
All done!

To keep the hair nicer for a longer period of time I like to fix the hair. That and I also just like to fix hair so it's  a good excuse. Here I just did a rope braid with the front hair and pulled the rest around into a side pony tail.

Doesn't it look so much better? And 5-10 minutes isn't that much time. It's so easy my three year old did it to her Snow White while I did Ariel's hair.

 It's always better to have a pretty doll instead of a raggedy looking one.. even if your kid looks pretty raggedy herself :)


  1. Why on earth have I not thought of this before. Rapunzel is in dire need! Thanks!


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