Pancake Pops

I've already posted the pancake recipe I enjoy the To make it a little more fun for the kids...ok and myself I decided to try out the cake pop maker. This one was actually my mom's and i have since bought a Babycakes Cake Pops Maker (Google Affiliate Ad) one that makes more. But this smaller one was just fine.
 So you'll want to be preheating your cake pop maker (I know not all people have one but they're around $20-$30 and I think they're worth it. So if you have one or you know someone you can borrow one from you should... So make your pancake batter while it's preheating.

Next you'll spray your pop maker with cooking spray and spoon the batter in the holes, be careful not to overfill because the batter will expand.               
 Let them cook until the light says they're done, then allow them to cook with the lid open for another 30 seconds or so. Otherwise the middles can be a little undercooked. Using a toothpick take them out of the pop maker.
 As you can see the baby couldn't wait to eat them, haha. She's not this tiny anymore.. makes me sad!

 As you can see some of them will overflow a little and look like Saturn but the edges break off really easily.

Dip in butter and syrup! Yum! I'm sure you could add mix ins too, some fruit or chocolate would be nice. :)


  1. Okay, this is an adorable idea! AND I didn't know cake pop makers were that cheap so I'll definitely be looking into getting myself one! Finger foods are always my fave so this could easily turn pancakes into a regular for me. Great post! My little girls will love their little pancake balls, as I'm sure your little girls do!

    1. Ya they really are! And I just did a search to see what else is out there because I love finger food too and I found a waffle stick maker.. I bought it! Lol, it's the cutest thing. I also have a mini brownie maker so if you ever need to borrow you know where to go :) There are so many fun little appliances they have now.. pop tarts, cupcakes, donuts, pancakes...french toast sticks. I could have a kitchen full of gadgets!

      But yes the pancake pops are a HUGE hit with the kids and I have to admit I really enjoy them too. You could do anything with a batter! So happy you liked it!

  2. sheesh all these fun toys but where the heck would you keep them all?! I dont have enough space as it is lol

    1. I have a ton of cabinet space in my kitchen, I have lots of gadgets.. When we move out of this house I don't know what I'll do with a smaller kitchen!! Spoiled, I know.


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