Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fix that doll hair!

Do you have crazy haired dolls? That doll hair can be such a pain! It tangles so easily and it looks awful. It's actually really easy to brush as long as you have some product.
 All you need is a brush and some kids detangler, it's cheap and worth it. These are the ones we use for my kids hair and it works wonders on the dolls hair too. Don't try a comb, it will break and take forever..
All you do is spray the hair down really well like you would for your little ones hair and start brushing! It takes 5 minutes.
Half done and it took about 2 minutes.
All done!

To keep the hair nicer for a longer period of time I like to fix the hair. That and I also just like to fix hair so it's  a good excuse. Here I just did a rope braid with the front hair and pulled the rest around into a side pony tail.

Doesn't it look so much better? And 5-10 minutes isn't that much time. It's so easy my three year old did it to her Snow White while I did Ariel's hair.

 It's always better to have a pretty doll instead of a raggedy looking one.. even if your kid looks pretty raggedy herself :)

Navajo Tacos + Scones

 Every couple years I remember how good navajo tacos are and we decide to make them... then we eat them for three days straight. Haha. Everything about them is so GOOD! They're pretty easy to make too and don't take long at all. All you need is a good chile recipe and some Rhodes Rolls. If you haven't discovered Rhodes Bake'n Serve Rolls you don't know what you're missing because they're awesome. If you're great at making bread and have the time you can surely use your own bread recipe for this but these rolls are always in my freezer and I'd rather just pull them out and they're always good.

So you're going to follow the thawing directions on the bag. When the rolls are thawed, roll them out thin. Heat a few inches of oil on high. We have a fryer so I use that and heat it as high as it'll go. When your oil is hot lay the dough on the surface and it should start to float. It only takes about five seconds or so to cook on each side. It should turn golden brown pretty quick so don't walk away!
Turn it and brown on the other side. Take out of the oil and drain on a paper towel. I usually use another paper towel to dab off the extra oil. They're best if you eat them right away so whoever is frying the bread just plan on eating last.
 Then you top it with your favorite chili, sour cream, shredded lettuce, fresh chopped tomatoes, cheese and whatever else you like on a navajo taco.

What makes this meal even better is the dessert... I looooooove scones.. the fry bread not the biscuit kind. When someone says scone and I get a biscuit I am disappointed to the point of anger. Maybe not that bad but really, who doesn't like a fried up piece of yummy bread?
 This one is covered in butter, raspberry honey, cinnamon, sugar and powdered sugar. A little excessive maybe? No, it was amazing. I did feel sick after not having self control and eating two of these but it was so worth it.

 This second one has melted fudge chocolate, powdered sugar and cinnamon.. We put marshmallows and bananas on the girls but really the toppings are endless. You should put this on your dinner menu for the week :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rainbow Cake

 Here is Addy's My Little Pony Rainbow cake. It was definitely a fun cake to make!
 As you can see she was pretty excited too!

 It had such beautiful vibrant colors! I figured the adults wouldn't be able to stomach all the color so I made white cupcakes for them with little rainbow edible butterflies on them, super cute!

Originally I wanted to do a two tiered cake like this test cake I did below. But after icing it and it just didn't look pretty I decided to do the bottom in Rice Krispie Treats so it wasn't nearly as tall and just do a big one layer of cake.
So I made a double batch of Rice Krispie Treats and pressed them into a greased cake pan, not sure of the size, 12" maybe? Then let it set. It fit perfectly in my cake carrier so I stored it in there.

 Then I colored my three layers of cake, one red, one yellow and one blue. I used the wilton color gels like the picture below. They work so much better than the liquid, they give really bright colors and I use them for all my coloring of icing and cakes and cookies.

 While the cakes were cooling I made the icing. Separating it into four bowls I colored one purple, one green, and one orange. I left the last one white along with a whole two more batches for frosting the outside. You have to do the rainbow upsidown so you don't have a layer of frosting on the bottom, your colors wouldn't all come together when the cake is cut. So you start layering.
1. Red cake on bottom
2. Layer of orange icing
3. Yellow cake
4. Green icing
5. Blue cake
6. Purple icing
Then I covered the whole cake with a thin "crumb coat" of white icing. You don't want the icing to be too thick if you're using fondant or it won't be smooth when you're done. You'll just be pushing around a lot of icing underneath and it will be bumpy.
 I offset the cake to one side on top of the rice krispies. You could cover the rice krispies with fondant too but i  thought I liked the little puffs like clouds I made here. After a while I started to smooth some of them out.

 I used a big round tip to make these little puffs of clouds all the way around the cake and rice krispie bottom.
 I made a little tulle rainbow tutu to cover the cake board and set the cake on top. I made the rainbow with royal icing. It actually was suppose to start on the top left of her cake, arch all the way over the top of the ponies and end where it does in the picture on the rice krispies but I wasn't careful enough and it broke basically in half. So that's why there's a giant cloud on top next to Rainbow Dash. Haha.
 See..... broken

I was devastated but oh well, it still worked out pretty cute and no one even knew.

So as you can see it's not totally smooth and perfect but I worked all day on it. Literally until people started showing up.