Pink Rosette Cake

Pink Rosette Cake

I made this cake for my daughters fifth birthday. She loves flowers and loves pink! I didn't realize how simple this design is to make until my cousin Ashlee showed me how and now I'm obsessed. I already have two cakes planned for the next month in this design. 

Basically you need lots of buttercream icing, 6 cups at least which is two batches of the Wilton Buttercream Frosting. You'll also need a 1M star tip and a piping bag. 

Crumb coat your cake, then starting about a half inch from the base squeeze a circle of icing and let it build a little in one spot. Then without bringing your tip off your icing circle around your circle with even pressure once or sometimes twice always ending straight up. It doesn't matter what the top end looks like because it will be covered by your next layer of roses. Do this all the way around until you meet your first rose. For your next layer put each rose between the roses from the last. When you reach the top continue in a circle making sure to leave enough room for each rosette be about the same size.


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