Tinkerbell Flower Cake

This cake was for Aubrey turning three! She loves Tinkerbell and green is her favorite color so she was pretty happy to get this cake!

The cake itself is a 10" round with two layers of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting between. I covered the cake with marshmallow fondant I made and colored green. I made the flowers the day before using gum paste and Wilton's Gerber Daisy cutters. I painted on an edible glitter and extract mixture to make them glossy and sparkle. The Tinkerbell doll is a 6" doll they sell in most toy departments. I think we got this one at Toysrus. I used green Wilton food gel to paint the grass along the bottom and green fondant for the leaves and longer grass. The white pearls are fondant rolled into balls.

Happy third birthday Aubrey!


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