Friday, June 28, 2013

Sofia the First Cake

My little Addy loves the show Sofia the First from Disney Junior. All she wanted for her fourth birthday was "Sofia stuff". So a Sofia cake it was! I knew I didnt have the ability to make Sofias actual castle because its huge and I'm still pretty new to cake making. So I created this little one that did the trick just fine. The sofia figure was a little toy that just came out and you can get it at Walmart or Toysrus.
The bottom tier I did the rosette style with buttercream frosting. And the second tier I covered with marshmallow fondant. I used buttercream frosting for the little pearls between the tiers. Other than the castle it was fairly easy to make. The castle is all made out of fondant and I used covered waffle cones as the top of the towers. It was a fun one to make!

Birthday Bow Cake

I love the inside of this cake. The colored polka dots turned out so bright and cute. Be prepared if you want to do it this way it takes a lot of extra time. You have to make the cake batter, color each color, make the cake pops, make more batter and finally bake the finished product.
The bow and decorations I made ahead of time to allow it to dry.
The hardest part was the day I was assembling the cake it ended up being around 100 degrees. All my marshmallow fondant decided to start melting. I have learned my lesson and will use store bought fondant through the warm months!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bug Cupcakes

Bug Cupcakes

I made these bug cupcakes for my nephews kind of as our summer kick off get together. I saw the idea in a cupcake book my dad bought me and I knew the boys would love them!

All you need is melting chocolates, a piping bag (or a ziplock would work) and some candy. I used M&MS, Jelly Beans and candy eggs. You can use anything you have around really.. Which in my house is usually plenty of different kinds of candy!

Melt your chocolates according to the packaging and put it in your piping bag. It'll be warm. You might want to let it sit for a minute otherwise it might be too runny. It's easiest to draw out a template of your different bugs before on a piece of paper, then put the template under a piece of parchment paper and trace over it with your chocolate. Make sure you use plenty of chocolate otherwise your pieces will brake easier when they're dry. You also want to make sure you have enough for your candy to stick to. After you trace the bug lay the candies on how you like them and let the chocolate set up. It doesn't take very long but you can put them in the refrigerator if you need to speed it up. 

I love using melting chocolate to make all kinds of cute designs. I hope you enjoy using them too!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Rosette Cake

Pink Rosette Cake

I made this cake for my daughters fifth birthday. She loves flowers and loves pink! I didn't realize how simple this design is to make until my cousin Ashlee showed me how and now I'm obsessed. I already have two cakes planned for the next month in this design. 

Basically you need lots of buttercream icing, 6 cups at least which is two batches of the Wilton Buttercream Frosting. You'll also need a 1M star tip and a piping bag. 

Crumb coat your cake, then starting about a half inch from the base squeeze a circle of icing and let it build a little in one spot. Then without bringing your tip off your icing circle around your circle with even pressure once or sometimes twice always ending straight up. It doesn't matter what the top end looks like because it will be covered by your next layer of roses. Do this all the way around until you meet your first rose. For your next layer put each rose between the roses from the last. When you reach the top continue in a circle making sure to leave enough room for each rosette be about the same size.