Owl cake

I made this cake for my cousin's daughter's first birthday. It was such a fun cake to make and I love all the bright colors! I started by covering a cake board with regular scrapbook paper. Then laid parchment paper down where the cake would be.
There were a lot of little pieces to make for the cupcakes and cake so I did that a few days before to make sure they were dry. These are the eyes for the cupcakes.

I used the marshmallow fondant recipe I used for my Minnie Mouse cake and colored it orange, blue, pink and brown for the beak, feet, eyes and branch.
Here is orange and white.

I made some extras just in case I broke them when they dried. Thankfully I didn't end up needing them. The little beaks are for the cupcakes.
I baked a 9x13 white cake, let it cool and put it in the refrigerator over night to make sure it was good and cold to help with the cutting. I drew a template of the owl on parchment paper, placed it on top of the cake and used a sharp knife to cut the shape out.

I frosted the whole owl with purple frosting. I then piped on the feathers on the chest and finished the piping in purple on the rest of the body with a leaf tip. Last i placed all my fondant pieces.


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