Snowflake Frozen Cake

I haven't been able to find any toys, clothing or paper goods of any kind for the Disney movie Frozen for weeks.. so as my daughters sixth birthday came along I knew I was in trouble. I went to and called every store I could think of with no luck. So we settled with a snowflake cake instead of Elsa's castle and the north mountain. That will have to be a cake for another day..

I did a 10" base, an 8" middle and a 6" top. The bottom two tiers are white cake with white frosting. The top tier I decided to do last minute.. literally the morning of so it is made out of rice krispie treats. They worked up really quick and easy!

I covered each layer with white fondant and painted it with edible glitter mixed with clear vanilla extract. The liner I put around each base is just plastic to look like jewels which I found at Hobby Lobby in the cake section. They have two different sizes but I used the smaller one. I put these on while the cake was still wet from the vanilla and it stuck really well.

I made the snowflakes with marshmallow fondant the night before using two different cookie cutters. One was Wilton's large cutter and the smaller size I got from Orson Gygi. The third cutter with lots of petals is actually a flower cutter.. but when you look at the cake as a whole I think they fit in just fine.

My daughter and I painted them with blue edible glitter and white edible glitter mixed with clear vanilla extract. Some of them I painted with Wilton color gel to give it the patterns. I attached them to the cake using white melting chocolate.

The silver whimsical whirly things on top I also got at Hobby Lobby in the cake section, but you could really use any kind of wire you'd like. I had to hot glue the little balls and snowflakes onto it so that's the only part that ended up not being edible. I was really nervous about how the snowflakes would look but I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Happy birthday to my big girl :)


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