Easy Minnie Mouse Chocolate Bundt Cake

 I knew we were doing two little get togethers for each side of the family for Aubrey's 2nd birthday this year. She LOVES Minnie Mouse so I knew that had to be the theme. We didn't make it a big deal but I still wanted her to have a cute cake so I came up with this idea of a chocolate bundt cake with ears and a bow. It ended up looking kind of like those Minnie and Mickey hats you get at Disneyland. I was really happy with it!

So first I made the chocolate bundt cake and let it cool. 

For the ears I used 1 whole container of crushed up Oreos (using a food processor cream and all) 
3/4 of a bag of miniature marshmallows
4 T of butter

Put the marshmallows and butter in a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 45 seconds, stir, and heat until it is all melted and smooth. Add oreos... it's a little hard to stir so thankfully I had my husband there. Next I rolled out the oreo mixture and used a circle cookie cutter to cut the ears out. Easy!

For the bow I just drew a template of what I thought Minnie's bow looked like. If I would have had ink in the printer I would have printed one out so they aren't perfect but like I said, it wasn't a big deal. 
I melted Wilton red melting chocolate and put it in a condiment bottle. Then I put the template bow under parchment paper and traced the bow. I made three just in case they ended up breaking easily.. I'm happy to say not one broke. After outlining the bow fill it in. You have to work kind of quick because you have to put the sprinkle pearls on for the polka dots before the chocolate sets. After the sprinkles were on and the chocolate has set I went around the outline again to make the edges pop out.
When the chocolate is completely set turn the bows over and put plenty of chocolate in the middle, lay a candy stick in the chocolate and cover the top of the stick with more chocolate. I put my bows on a cookie sheet and into the freezer because I'm impatient and wanted them to set up quicker but they will do it at room temperature too. I did the same thing on the back of the Oreo ears but I used two sticks on each.
 The only thing left to do is put them in the cake! I put the bow right in the middle and I put the candy sticks angling inward toward each other. So like an X behind and below the bow to make sure they didn't move.
And that's it! Super simple, quick and easy. She loved it.


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