Polka Dot Nails

N.Y.C Minute Quick Dry "Magenta Flash" Nail Polish
Pure ICE "Wild Thing" Nail Polish
Pure ICE "Love" Nail Polish
DIY Dotting tool such as a bobby pin, pencil tip, needle, toothpick...anything with a point.

First apply two coats of the NYC Magenta Flash. Allow to dry.

Next, to start the dotting you can make a little puddle on a piece of paper of each color or one at time if you're afraid it's going to dry out before you're done.
 If you want to bend your bobby pin so it's more straight you can do that to make dotting a little easier but I prefer not to.
 Then with your dotting tool ( I used a bobby pin) make the size dot you'd like on the nail. As you can see from the picture the more you dot before you re-dip your tool the smaller the dot will become. So if you want your dots all the same size re-dip your tool each time.

Make whatever design you'd like or to replicate this one I did a row of pink, green, pink, green, pink. Allow to dry and then put a clear coat over the top. I only did the polka dots on the ring finger and left the rest hot pink but you could do them all polka dotted for a different look. Super cute!

Let me know if you want me to do a dotting tool tutorial of what different tools dots look like.. or maybe glitter nails :) I LOVE glitter nails!

Here are a couple other designs we did today too.


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