Birthday Wreath

I made this wreath just before my little ones first birthday. Thankfully all of my children's names start with A and I only had to make one because it took quite a while to make it. Mostly because I was only going off of a picture I had seen and all of the gluing and folding takes time. I am really happy with the way it turned out!

Materials Needed:
I will list everything I used but you can use however many colors or fillers as you want.
Wreath Base, any craft store will have them
Colors I used- Lime Green, Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Purple
I had I think 7 different ribbons and two of them (the polka dotted ones) were reversible. I used every bit of ribbon I bought and some I already had on hand, so more is better than less!

Turquoise ribbon with pink polka dots/reversed to pink ribbon and turquoise polka dots
Pink ribbon with lime green polka dots/reversed to lime green ribbon and pink polka dots
Turquoise 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon
Sheer Purple 3 inch with pink glitter polka dots Ribbon
Sheer Pink 3 inch with green and pink glitter polka dots Ribbon
Pink 1/8 inch Ribbon
Sheer 3 inch Turquoise Ribbon
White Glittered Tulle
Turquoise and pink feathers
Lime green and Purple Pipe Cleaners wrapped around a pencil to make them curly
Purple star garland
Pink Twisted Cording (with the ribbon section)
Large Glittered Letter A
Hot Glue Gun

To start I covered my foam circle ( I went with a flat circle rather than round) with some floral tape, you could use ribbon too but you'll have to glue it down. Then I covered the base with the glittered tulle. I cut pieces about 12 or so inches and folded them in half, bunched the bottom a little and glued it to the back of the foam base all the way around. I kept the letter just laying on top without gluing on until I absolutely had to so it was easier to glue the ribbon where I wanted.

Then you'll want to start cutting your ribbons different lengths. I cut each one at a time because I had a specific place for them. This is what made it more time consuming. You could just cut them all to start and just go with what you have. The perfectionist inside me wouldn't allow me to take that route...
As you can see in the pictures though they're all different lengths and I just tried to mix up the arrangement as much as I could so the same colors weren't concentrated in the same place.
Some of the ribbons I folded in half, others I made into a circle and some I folded and turned one side over so it looked more like the breast cancer awareness ribbon if you know what I am talking about.. if not send me a message and I can post a picture...If you only fold the ribbon in half your wreath will end up being pretty flat. So I recommend twisting and turning it as much as you can so it's nice and fluffy.

 As you can see I started adding the little extras as I went but you could wait until your wreath is filled in if you'd prefer to do it that way to add the non-ribbon stuff.

 You can see what a mess I made... there was glue and ribbon and feathers everywhere! You'll know when you need to glue on your letter when it's starting to really fill up with space. Make sure you have all the ribbon glued down under it that you'd like and then glue it on.
When it was all finished I turned it over and glued a piece of turquoise ribbon to the inside of the circle so you couldn't see where all the inside pieces were glued on. It just helped finish it off and have one color rather than a jumble of glue and frayed ribbon ends. I hope it works out for you! If you have any questions or comments I'd be happy to hear about them.

The picture below was my inspiration.. it was selling on Etsy for $50 and I couldn't believe it.. After all the time I spent making mine I understand now why it was so expensive.. Mine definitely turned out different but I'm glad it did :) It doesn't help that my lighting was terrible so I hope you understand I am no photographer!


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