Valentine's Chocolate Box Cake

I got this idea and technique from Bakerella. She is an amazing cake and cake pop artist! Her website is if you haven't heard of her. She has a short tutorial on how to make the box here. Hers is larger than mine but I only had a really big cake pan and didnt want to go that crazy. Besides, this one was perfect for my husband who doesn't eat a lot of sweets.

The chocolates on top I made out of oreo truffles and a little melting chocolate.

The stawberry roses I saw on pinterest but the picture is just linked to another picture so I just figured that one out on my own. Using a paring knife I started out with a very thin cut and and slowly started angling the cut into the middle flaring the "petal" out. For not feeling well today I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out, thanks to my mom helping with my kids and the roses!


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